While we strive for excellence, we realize that the best engineers and the greatest facility are worthless if an artist is not confident and secure in our abilities. We want our artists to be able to focus on their performance. There is no substitute for a great performance – period!
This is what creating great recordings is all about...just ask our clients!
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“I’ve been a full-time professional musician for 46 years. Anytime I have a music project...CD, tape, special arrangement, sequencing...I go to Don Bestor. He uses very fine equipment, but most important is his knowledge of music. ...a fantastic arranger. I ’ve never been disappointed!”
–Roger Rossi
Pianist, Bandleader
Author, Composer

“Don Bestor’s studio skills are among the best in South Florida. His musical experience and ability contribute to his production and post-production expertise. Don has the ability to quickly take your recording project or demo from initial concept to final product. He is also friendly, patient and knowledgeable. ”
–Jim McCreavy

“Don’s warm smile and pleasant greeting made us feel quite comfortable. We have had the pleasure of many recording sessions with Don and plan more for the Holiday Season. His ability to produce a variety of CD ’s has brought much joy to relatives and friends. Thank you, Don!”

–Tanya & Joan

“Bestor Studios is the best bang for the recording facility out there. I, as an international recording artist and audio engineer who for over twenty years, has worked with the likes of Jerry Reed, Luba and the Glenn Miller Orchestra was truly impressed with everything about this man and his studio. Don Bestor is a professional who cares.
   He can contribute in many ways…He has the right gear and updates his well equipped studio regularly. His experience, musical virtuosity and genius for arranging brings a new level to any project upon which he performs. As a producer, he listens to the artist then realizes their wishes in the final product. Technically, his never ending search for perfection, pushes him to study with selected audio engineers to understand how to operate the gear effectively while using his amazing ears to guide the artist and get the sound on disc.
   I can honestly say that anyone who wants it done right while getting value for their money should forget the rest and go to Bestor. ”
-Gord E Banks
“Upon the recommendation of a friend, I found the Don Bestor Studio. In Don, I found not only a consummate professional but wound up with a good friend as well!  The intimacy of his studio and the ability of the artist to learn and observe the intricacies of the recordings that Don is such a master of was a musical treat.
My two latest CD’s produced by the Don Bestor Studio are first rate.  In addition, I had the good fortune to have Don as accompanist and arranger which speaks volumes for his ability. Simply put, Don does it all and he does it extremely well!”

– Kit Stewart